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Video of the story that motivated us to create this miracle product from Hair Plus.

Founder's History

Indira Ramos was 19 years old when on August 11, 2013 she went for a weekend walk with her friends; 5 young people full of life, without thinking that when she returned she would never be the same again, the greatest tragedy; a freak accident. Indira fractured her pelvis, both femurs, her neck, and she had dirt in her lungs, but her physical pain was not important, at that time she had to face the loss of her best friend and her college roommate her. One month in intensive care, 8 operations, 30 pints of blood, she was completely motionless, sentenced to 1 year without walking or doing any kind of activity.

They were very difficult moments that helped Indira to be strong and to understand that everything that had happened to her had a purpose from God. She had to relearn how to walk, but she also set out to grow her hair back, and that's when she starts mixing natural ingredients, creating hair products and putting them to the test. To her surprise, her hair begins to grow strong and healthy and what she thought would take years to achieve began to show results in months.

Indira Ramos becomes an expert in cosmetic chemistry graduated in Buenos Aires Argentina and creates her own company, HAIR PLUS, with the intention of helping other women who have similar problems to hers, hair loss and no growth. The products begin to gain fame and the people who consumed them, as they verified the results in a short time, spread the word.

Four years after her company was founded, they have 25 different products. Indira sells her products throughout the territory of the Dominican Republic, but also in: Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Panama and the United States. With an average of more than 20,000 sales units per month.


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